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Company history

The founder Jarle Vestnes established the company Vivison AS in 2002 in the Technology Park in Narvik in order to start the development of lightweight composite rollers for the mining industry.

The development and testing has occured in close cooperation with LKAB, which ships out iron ore via Narvik port from mines in Sweden.

The close proximity to LKAB and large mining companies in North Sweden as well asRuller the joint localisation with other technological companies have been some of the success factors for the positive development of the products and company.

In spring 2010 several investors joined the company and established Vivision Roller AS. The focus from this point has been on the development of a production line and the sale and development of next generation composite rollers.

The company, which in April 2011 changed name to Narvik Composite (news item), had per July 2011 four fulltime employees plus hired part time workers.

The company has had strong growth during the whole of 2012 with new employment and new investors. In April 2012 Forte Narvik came in on the owner side and the existing owners went in with more capital. Per September 2013 Narvik Composite has 11 employees.

Narvik Composite har for the last years been a part of the Incubator in the Narvik Science Park.

Narvik Composite has, during the development period, received support from Innovasjon Norge and the Research Council of Norway.

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