In 2018 we developed in cooperation with BaneNor in Narvik a new type of plow wheels for trains. Today servicelocomotives with plows use blocks to held the plow on the trackway. The Narvik wheel has been designed to replace the sliding blocks on trailed snow plows, and is an effective upgrade.

Plow wheels
Benefits of using Narvikhjulet:
Cost-saving and maintenance-saving
Frequent adjustments to the height of the plow are avoided due to wear on sliding blocks
Reduces the chance of the plow getting too low, thus reducing the chance of hooking
Works very well with plow hydraulics in flow function
Can run tunnels without lifting plow
The plow is quieter on the line and "smacks" less in the machine during operation
The Narvik wheel prototype has been tested by Bane NOR, on Ofotbanen winter 2018/19, with good feedback.
We have delivered Narvikhjul for winter operation on the Ofotbanen and Nordlandsbanen which are railways in arctic mountains.
Ofotbanen is a railway line between Narvik and the Swedish border. Operationally, it is part of the Malmbanan that runs between LuleƄ and Narvik. The railway is 42 km long and has 20 tunnels. Most of the traffic on the track is ore trains that come with ore and pellets from the mines in Kiruna. 15.9 million tonnes of goods are transported annually on the Ofotbanen, and there is more than all other freight traffic by rail in Norway combined. The ore trains run round the clock, all year round. In addition to these, two daily passenger trains go to and from Sweden and also freight trains between Narvik and the Alnabru terminal at Oslo via Sweden; the so-called Arctic Rail Express trains. Schenker also runs his own freight trains. Ofotbanen is owned and maintained by Bane NOR and has a high maintenance need due to the heavy trains.
"Narvikhjulet helps to make the wintermaintense easier" are the feedback from the railway maintenceworkers who use our wheels
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