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Carrying rollers

Carrying rollers in composite are adapted to high belt speed with high tonnage. This gives a light, strong and robust roller with a longer lifetime than traditional rollers.

The special construction in Narvik Composites` carrying rollers lets the operator run the conveyor belt even if the composite roller stops. The roller will function as a "glide bar". This function prevents uncessary stoppages and the roller is changed at the next planned service stop.

Up to 50% weight reduction makes replacing rollers quicker and easier.

Composite rollers have been in operation in LKAB Norway's ship loader in Narvik since 2005 with very good results. Here the rollers are exposed to a particular tough arctic climate with dust, salt, frost and icing.

Specification carrying rolls:

Shaft diameter Bearing size Shell diameter Std. shell length*
30 mm 6300 mm 159 mm    250 -950 mm
40 mm 6308 mm 159 and 194 mm  600 - 1150 mm





*The shell length may be tailor made  b.rull i arbeid

General specifications:

  •   Flame retardant
  •   Load pr. roller up to 800 kg
  •   30 000 working life
  •   Temperature - 50 to +50 °C
  •   Lower nois than steel rollers
  •   Energy saving
  •   Weight saving


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