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Return rollers

Return rollers in composite give a weight reduction of up to 80% compared to equivalent steel rollers.

Narvik Composites` return rollers are developed and tailormade for the challenging conditions that are found in the mining industry in Scandinavia.

The construction of the return rollers in composite coated with a 5mm. wearing layer of Polyurea makes the roller not only light in weight, but also extremely durable and robust.

The weight of a composite return roller is surprisingly low; a weight reduction of up to 80% compared to an equivalent steel roller. This gives the composite roller an enormous advantage when replacing rollers, in both time and resources.

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Specifications return rollers:

Shaft diameter Bearing size shell diameter Std. shell length*
30 mm 6306 mm 159 mm  900 - 2200 mm
40 mm 6308 mm 159 and 194 mm 1100 - 2200 mm





*The shell length may be tailor made 

General specifications:

  •  Weight 43 kg (194 x 2200 x 40)
  •   30 000 hours working life
  •   Polyureau wearing material
  •   Good wear resistance against the return belt with abrasive waste materials
  •   Good friction against the belt track in order to control the belt.
  •   The wearing zones shall tolerate the rollers' lifetime
  •   Temperature - 50 to +50 °C

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