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Major industrial actors such as LKAB and Boliden AB have been central in the development and testing of the composite rollers.
EBHI, Spain
Delivery of return- and carrying rollers to EBHI, European Bulk Handling Installation, Gijón, Spain.
LKAB Malmberget, Gällivare, Sweden
Carrying and return rollers were delivered to the mine in Malmberget
LKAB Narvik, Norway
The composite rollers on the ship loader in Narvik (LKAB) did very well in a test after 6 years operation.
OBA, Nederland
Carrying rollers to the dry bulk terminal OBA i Amsterdam, Nederlands
The Aitik mine, Boliden AB, Sweden
In March 2009 a batch of return rollers was delivered for a test in the Aitik mine, Boliden AB
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