Our composite rollers are up to 80% lighter in weight than equivalent steel rollers. This makes for faster replacement of rollers, and cost reduction with less time and resources needed. Composite rollers also have longer lifetime which require less replacements. Stuck composite rollers do not damage the conveyor belt as they function as glide bars, and therefore the rollers can be changed at next planned service stoppage.
Rollers are coated with a 5 mm layer of Polyurea which not only keep the weight low, but makes rollers extremely durable and robust.

The rollers are developed for challenging conditions found in the mining industry in Scandinavia and can withstand temperatures between -50°C to +50°C. They have high resistance to high humidity and aggressive environments. It's made of fire retardant material, have high quality sealing system and accurate alignment.
Composite rollers help improve HSE at the worksite. The weight reduction compared to steel rollers makes maintenance and replacement faster, easier and are gentler on personnel. Noise and vibrations are reduced due to natural balance and the rollers are safe and environmentally friendly.
Specification return rolls:
Shaft diameter
Bearing size
Shell diameter
Std. shell length*
30 mm
6306 mm
159 mm
900 — 2200 mm
40 mm
6308 mm
159 and 194 mm
1100 — 2200 mm
*The shell length may be tailor made
Return composite Rollers
weight list
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